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KARCHER CLASSIC HD 1.8/13 C Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

Price: $1,515.00
Item Number: 15209160
Manufacturer: KARCHER
Manufacturer Part No: 15209160


HD 1.8/13 C NEW

Designed to move.

The HD 1.8/13 C compact cold water pressure washer offers maximum portability, maneuverability and smart features. It can be stored, transported and operated in the vertical and horizontal position, and at 55.6 lbs, this professionally built unit can easily be moved by one person in and out of vehicles and around a cleaning site. It also includes storage options for accessories, and is certi ed to UL1776 safety standards.

Shown with optional Surface Cleaner 2.642-998.0

Vertical and horizontal operation for maximum exibility, safety and stability.

  • additional carrying handle for easy transportation to various locations,

    loading and unloading, and moving over stairs.

  • Extendable push bar handle allows for easier maneuverability, control and storage.

3 Easy Maintenance

Large, removable and easy to clean water inlet lter that protects the

pump from debris.

Rubber strap for secure storage of high-pressure hose.

Nozzle compartment for rotary nozzle storage and protection during transportation.

Screw joint for surface cleaner storage.

Integrated, high walled storage area secures the spray wand, protecting it from potential damage during transportatiion.Tpage2image5376 page2image5968

Hose 6.391-238.0 High-pressure hose 33' $184.00


Washing brush 4.762-497.0 Washing brush $82.10

Rotating washing brush 4.762-560.0 Rotating washing brush natural bre bristles $136.00

Surface cleaner 2.642-998.0 Surface cleaner FR Basic $182.50

Surface cleaner 2.642-999.0 Surface cleaner FRV 30 $841.00

Extension hose 4.440-939.0 Extension hose for FRV 30 $71.40

Quick-release coupling 6.401-458.0 Quick-release coupling $70.00

Inno Foam kit 2.640-151.0 Inno Foam kit $1,021.00

Nozzle kit 2.640-870.0 Nozzle kit $101.00

Flexible spray lance 6.394-654.0 Flexible spray lance $416.13

Pipe cleaning hose 6.390-028.0 Pipe cleaning hose 65', 1740 psi $217.00

Pipe cleaning hose 6.390-030.0 Pipe cleaning hose 65', 3625 psi $300.00

Wet blasting attachment 4.762-022.0 Wet blasting attachment $225.00

Nozzle 4.767-230.0 Dirt blaster nozzle 035 $143.45


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