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Price: $6,275.00
Item Number: 1.109-099.0
Manufacturer: LANDA

The HOT is the most economical choice of Landa’s electric-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers featuring a heat-efficient horizontal coil. Included in the series is a true steam cleaner or steamer, the HOT3-30036D, which produces extra-hot steam at up to 310° F.


  • Landa high-pressure pump with 7-year warranty*

  • High-efficiency SureFire burner mounted on the end for easy access

  • Heavy-duty motor

  • Quick-couple nozzle is made of hardened stainless steel

  • 36 ft. of high-grade electrical cord with ground fault circuit interrupter

  • Fatigue-free trigger gun with dual-lance variable pressure wand*

  • 50 ft. of steel-wire braid high pressure hose*

  • Schedule 80 coil with five-year warranty stainless steel top wrap*

  • Water-resistant control panel with adjustable thermostat*

  • Easy-to-attach downstream detergent injector for application of soap

  • Many safety features, including rupture disk and thermal pump protector

* HOT2-11026D and HOT2-15026D have an axial pump with 1-year war- ranty, yellow painted mild-steel top coil wrap, and 30 ft. high pressure hose with straight-through insulated wand. HOT3-30036D Steamer has high limit switch, axial pump with a 1-year warranty, and 50 ft. steam hose and wand.

** Should not be used as a lifting rack on the MHC